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Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Torrance California, DE Distribution, is an E-Commerce specific consolidator and distributor, exclusively for the niche Toys and Games Category. We work with and market on a variety of eCommerce retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, EU, Australia and Saudi Arabia. DE Distribution is a small, custom-tailored operation that focuses on using available e-commerce networks to distribute, bundle and sell your product in a custom, not one size fits all style. By bundling products together, using targeted marketing, market specific listings and product packages, along with many other custom solutions, we tailor your products to meet the needs of today’s e-commerce driven market. DE Distribution differentiates itself by having product and market knowledge in the toys and games category.

DE Distribution only focuses on this category to bring specific, custom solutions to distributing and selling your product. Strong In-stock disciplines and internal inventory management; and aggressive management of inventory sales patterns and external inventory levels allow DE Distribution to stay in stock with a 98% success rate average, ensuring your product is ready and available to the end customer. DE Distribution’s buyers have long standing relationships and an un-rivaled knowledge of the toy and game category and will give your product the custom attention it needs and deserves to achieve the most sales and turns possible.

Sales and Distribution

DE Distribution focuses on using existing E-commerce networks to disperse your products all over the world. In todays fast moving world, a single warehouse is not enough to provide the quick shipping and customer satisfaction that customers come to expect when buying online.

Instead, DE Distribution focuses on a smooth and efficient business model with low overhead and high turns by moving more of your product to broader markets using well established global e-commerce networks such as Amazon, Walmart, Deliverr and other 3rd party networks.

Ecommerce Warehouse Operations
Amazon Warehouse

Distribution can position your merchandise for sale in over 120 different warehouses worldwide, using the largest e-commerce platforms to make your product successful.


Numerous companies agree, DE Distribution provides a crucial service that every game publisher needs in
today’s changing business environment. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from them!

Wise Wizard Games

“DE Distribution has been awesome. They give our products personal attention and truly optimize to get the best sales performance. They create and test out new bundles without any support from our team. Their sales numbers have been much higher than we expected. I highly recommend DE Distribution as a strategic partner.”

Debbie Moynihan, COO, Wise Wizard Games, Maker of Star Realms

“DE Distribution has helped to increase our exposure across various markets, while focusing on our entire product line. Even our slower inventory has gained traction since we started working with DE Distribution because of their attention to detail and their custom solutions to better adapt our products for the growing e-commerce market”

River Horse Games

River Horse Games
XYZ Game Labs
DE Distribution has been a great distribution partner. We’ve tried to sell on Amazon ourselves in the past, but we could never devote enough time and energy to make an impact. DE Distribution has it dialed in and is able to move product, which keeps them re-ordering (which we love). If you want someone who is going to give your products the attention they deserve, you want DE Distribution.

Adam and Noah, XYZ Game Labs

DE distribution has been a great partner for me for many years. I rely on their insight and expertise to point out opportunities for me as well as avoiding hazards. They use their broad industry knowledge of shipping, production, and the fulfillment process to tailor a plan that suits the needs of each of my products.

Jeff Siadek, Gorilla Games

Gorilla Games

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